Cheese and Mushroom Omelette

Rs. 320

Plain Omelette

Rs. 200

Cheese Omelette

Rs. 300

Pakistani Omelette

Rs. 250

Full Fried Egg

Rs. 180

Scrambled Egg

Rs. 250

Boiled Egg

Rs. 160

Sunny Sideup

Rs. 160

Nutella Pan Cake

Rs. 550

Strawberry Pan cake

Rs. 500

Nutella French Toast

Rs. 500

Toasted Bread (2 Slice)

Rs. 500


Rs. 80

Mix Tea


Plain Milk

Rs. 120

Black Coffee

Rs. 150

Hand Made Coffee

Rs. 200

Milk Coffee

Rs. 350

Green Tea

Rs. 300

Mountain Green Tea

Rs. 100

Pan Grilled chicken

Mushroom Chicken

Rs. 1830

American Chicken

Rs. 1820

Moroccan Chicken

Rs. 1860

Black pepper Chicken

Rs. 1800


Hot Wings

Rs. 690

Dhaka Chicken with Fries

Rs. 750

Dynamite Chicken

Rs. 650

Chicken Broast with Fries

Rs. 780

Chicken Plain Roast with Fries

Rs. 750

Chicken Strips with Fries

Rs. 680

Chicken Nuggets with Fries

Rs. 620

Chap shuro

Rs. 550


Hunza Specail Soup

Rs. 430

Chicken Cron Soup

Rs. 430

Hot and Sour Soup

Rs. 430

Ckicken Clear Soup

Rs. 320

Cream of Tomato Soup

Rs. 450

Cream of Mushroom

Rs. 450

Cream of Chicken

Rs. 450

Fish and chips

Rs. 1200

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